Ryan Hennessy

Principal Scientist


In addition to Dr. Richard, Ryan has high gratitude for former employers and current colleagues including associates at Woodard and Curran, especially Jason Muche who believed in him as a young inexperienced wastewater operator, Microbial Discovery Group, and Midwest Contract Operations. An extra special thank you to Midwest Contract Operations and president Paul Much for support in balancing operator responsibilities while also allowing growth to advance to a full time consulting role. 
Ryan Hennessy is a recognized authority in the field of wastewater microbiology in large part in gratitude to Dr. Michael Richard who has spent over 10 years (and counting) mentoring, providing training support, and helping Ryan navigate a path in the wastewater industry. Dr. Richard's career has a pivotal role in building on Eickelboom's original wastewater filament types and linking various filaments to associated causes, exploring and pioneering what are now considered standard troubleshooting operating practices, and training thousands of operators in wastewater microscopy over a decorated 40 plus year career. Along with Dr. David Jenkins (rest in eternal peace) and with support from Glenn Daigger textbooks such as the Manual on the Causes and Control of Activated Sludge Bulking, Foaming, and Other Solids Separation Problems 3rd Edition (2004) have been broadly recognized as the gold standard for wastewater microbiology over previous generations. Most importantly Ryan is the proud husband to wife Brittany, father to Noelle and Isaiah, and "pack leader" to dogs Rudy (a terrier who at the time of writing is 16 years old and not long for this world) and Tucker, a rescued red heeler mix.


Ryan's goal is to build on the knowledge passed down to him and provide assistance to wastewater treatment plants through microscopy services while also continuing to be mindful of ongoing advances in science and technology and determining how and when to integrate these tools in meaningful ways for practical services.


2015 ISAWWA trainer of the year award
Kobe Krabtree award of 2020

Wastewater Operator 15+ years Exp.

Certificates In:
type 1851-like filaments cropped from 1000x phase contrastSphaerotilus with damaged cells cropped from 1000x phase contrast
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