Rest in Peace Dr. Michael Richard 

On November 21st, 2021, the wastewater industry lost a legend, his family lost a great man, and I lost a mentor and close friend. I cannot thank Dr. Richard enough for his generosity in teaching me what he has learned in wastewater microbiology over the years and helping me navigate my career. While our relationship started off with me pestering him for wastewater knowledge, over the years our conversations became frequent touching on all aspects of life. I couldn’t even attempt to count the hours of time we have spent on the phone, wastewater forums, exchanging email jokes, and him reviewing micro reports, always highly critical in a positive way helping me to learn.

In 2019 Dr. Richard retired and advised his clients to utilize me for microscopy services, and it is a tremendous honor and a challenge to carry on his legacy. I am especially thankful that after his retirement he was able to make a trip driving across the country over several weeks, something he had always wished to do. We visited him in Colorado, and he was delighted to show us Rocky Mountain National Park. I was also able to bring my wife to meet him and his wife and it was a super memorable day (especially Dr. Richard nagging his wife to “fly us out of here” when the traffic was bad).

I send my best wishes to his family and will always be thankful for the time and memories we shared together, as well as his generosity and tremendous impact on my career.

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