Wastewater Microbiology: A Handbook for Operators

A Wastewater Microbiology Reference Book

A message from author Ryan Hennessy:

The purpose of this textbook is to provide practical and straightforward knowledge for wastewater operators and professionals in the areas of wastewater microscopy and microbiology. It serves as a resource for wastewater process control and troubleshooting. This textbook includes training methods, filamentous bacteria morphotype identification strategies, and common problems encountered in wastewater treatment plants along with effective solutions.

This book heavily references the 3rd Edition of Manual on the Causes and Control of Activated Sludge Bulking, Foaming, and Other Solids Separation Problems (Jenkins, 2004). Ryan was a student of co-author Dr. Michael Richard for over ten years and this book builds upon the initial principles of the textbook incorporating knowledge deemed worth sharing acquired over the past 20 years. Also, the textbook explains DNA (specifically rRNA 16S sequencing) and microscopy/DNA known and suspected correlations using a database of over 150 split samples. This intention of the book is to be a "must have" easy reference guide for wastewater operation professionals.

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For a $50 course application fee online tests are available which may be completed at the end of each chapter. Tests consist of between 10-20 multiple choice and true or false answers and a 90% or higher score is needed to pass each test. A limit of 3 attempts per chapter test apply. Amazon estimates approximately 3-4 hours to read the textbook. Upon completion of the tests an invoice ($50) and a certificate of completion form will be sent to the registered user’s email address. The onus of applying the certificate to CEU hours is ultimately the responsibility of the course attendees. CEU credits (3 hours) are in progress for the Wisconsin DNR and posting of the course in additional regions for CEUs will be shared as this knowledge becomes available.
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Meet the Author: Ryan Hennessy

15+ years experience as a Wastewater Operator
Ryan Hennessy is a wastewater microbiologist recognized as an authority in the field. This is thanks, in no small part, to the decade plus of mentoring and training support he has received from Dr. Michael Richard.

Ryan has always been fascinated by the unseen. It was this curiosity that led him into the wastewater treatment field, where he could use his skills in microscopy to help build on the knowledge passed down to him. He loves learning about new microscopy techniques and helping treatment plants get the most accurate information possible about their water. 

He knows that being mindful of advances in science and technology is key to providing practical services that help these plants run more efficiently.

When he's not in front of his microscope (which is most of the time), Ryan enjoys spending time with wife Brittany, daughter Noelle, son Isaiah, and their dogs Rudy (a 16-year-old terrier who isn't long for this world) and Tucker (a rescued red heeler mix).
Picture of Ryan Hennessy
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